Tea "Mulled wine" AISTCO®

What could be better than a cold evening to brew a hot drink that will not only instantly warm, but also cheer you up. Tea drink “Mulled wine” AISTCO® combines sweet-tart taste with fruity notes and spicy aroma, gives a sense of harmony and a feeling of comfort.

Orange and cranberries stimulate the body’s defenses in viral infections, have an antispasmodic and antioxidant effect. Hibiscus normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood and helps to reduce pressure. Cinnamon strengthens the body, removes toxins, and apple and star anise have a beneficial effect on digestion.

Recommendations for brewing: to warm up the teapot, pre-fill it with a third of hot water, after 30 seconds drain the water, pour 3 teaspoons of tea on a kettle with a volume of 500 ml with water at a temperature of 95 ° C, let it brew for 5-7 minutes.