Tea "Sbiten" AISTCO®

In the evenings, it is so nice to sit in silence with a book and a cup of delicious hot drink, covered with a blanket. Sbiten is a traditional Russian drink, which our ancestors loved very much for its strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect. He was always the main guest at festive feasts, helped to warm up, cheer up and restore strength. Tea drink “Sbiten” AISTCO® with berry and herbal aroma and delicate honey taste will become a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, protect during the cold season, give energy for new achievements and a great mood.

Recommendations for brewing: to warm up the teapot, pre-fill it with a third of hot water, after 30 seconds drain the water, pour 3 teaspoons of tea on a kettle with a volume of 500 ml with water at a temperature of 95 ° C, let it brew for 5-7 minutes.